Rescue Beacons are something that I have never traditionally used. These days though, you sometimes can’t even enter a Winter trail without one. The way a PLB works is quite simple. When you are in distress you unhinge the safety and set off the beacon. Because the beacon communicates with orbiting satellites you don’t need to worry about reception. There are several agencies that are responsible for picking up the alarm and they will send out this information to the Police and Rescue Teams. Please note that you may be charged $’s for an emergency pickup.PLB

Typically you should hire a beacon. They are expensive to buy and are hard to maintain. Also, new technology is coming out all the time so why lock yourself down.

How to hire:
I have traditionally hired from local places, but now I hire from a national provider,
The cost to hire is $5 a day. You really only need 1, but it is a good idea to get more dispersed around the team.
Delivery is usually very fast – next day even. You should make sure you book far in advance and that the pickup or delivery date is a few days before you depart.

(TO MAKE A BOOKING:- Click here “Hire Form” and complete the required details, or if you have a query Ph: Mike 021 0294 1521)
If the request is urgent, note that there is next day delivery anywhere in NZ**