Pararaha Stream / Beach / Zion Loop

Level of Difficulty

Moderate to Hard, with rock climbing


6.5 Hours (Spring 2015) (over 2 days)

Where to sleep?

As much as I hate to say it, the Waitakes are terrible for tenting. The campgrounds are always booked with school kids and the water is bad (don’t drink it). We slept at Tunnel Point, just around the corner from the camp-ground, under Mt Zion. We also lit a fire on the beach! If you can get away with it, its an amazing place to stay.


You can refill your water bottles at the Surf Club at Karekare, using the outdoor blue hose. It is tank water.
If the weather is bad, dont go. The Pararaha stream will be bulging and it will be dangerous.
You can escape through the Buck Taylor Track if you need to get out fast.

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