What to take to the Beach

Water at the BeachLots of Water– The aver­age adult requires 8 full glasses of water each day as recom­men­ded by doc­tors every­where. This num­ber increases when lying out in the sun. A good tip is to bring a gal­lon of water and a couple water bottles. That way you can keep one water bottle in the cooler and not have to waste valu­able cooler space.

Good Sun­screen– While many of us remem­ber to bring the sun­screen, often is the case of when we return home that even­ing, we are sur­prised that we some­how still have a bit of a sun­burn. Make sure you know which SPF suits you.

Umbrella– An umbrella is a per­fect way to keep the kids from hav­ing to endure all that sunlight.

Extra Blanket– It is always a good idea I find, to bring a large blanket with you to the beach. That way the beach tow­els can be used for dry­ing off and you won’t have to worry about wet, sticky sand. Blankets are usu­ally heav­ier than tow­els and it will be easier to keep the blanket on the ground rather than blow­ing down the Grand Strand.

Jug of WaterJug of water for sandy feet –Do you ever find your­self return­ing from a long day at the beach just to get into the car with half the beach with you? Keep a jug of water in the trunk so you can wash off those sandy feet before you enter the car. There are park­ing lots that have feet wash sta­tions, but guess what, those park­ing lots usu­ally have sand in them! So it does no good.

Change of clothes– How many times have you returned to your car only to have 5 semi-​​wet people climb­ing in? With a quick change of clothes kept in the trunk, noth­ing more than some ath­letic shorts

Chairs– For those who prefer to be on the beach just not ON the beach, a beach chair is a great companion.

Radio– A good way to drown out those annoy­ing beach neigh­bors of yours, is the help­ful little com­pan­ion known as the radio. Whether it’s an ipod ste­reo or just a clas­sic little boom box, the radio light­ens the mood of the whole party. Just remem­ber to be respect­ful of your neighbors.

Lots of Enter­tain­ment– Bring foot­balls, bocce balls, Fris­bees and any other game activ­it­ies the whole fam­ily can enjoy. A fam­ily that plays together, stays together.

Book or Magazine– Maybe a ref­er­ence guide on what kind of shells there are? Or if you just want to relax, bring some light read­ing material.

First Aid Kit– It’s always best to keep a little first aid kit either in your car or with you at the beach. You’ll be sur­prised at how handy that will be.

Beach BinocularsBin­ocu­lars– Often there are times where you are on the beach look­ing out toward the ocean and someone asks you “what is that?” point­ing to a small blip in the dis­tance. How nice would it be to be able to tell them? Well with a cheap pair of bin­ocu­lars, you could tell them.

Flip-​​flops– Flip-​​flops are vital for that trans­ition from the hot sand to the not as hot sand as you trek towards that watery abyss. Bring them and you won’t regret it. It’s never fun to remove shoes and then try to put them back on with sandy wet feet.

Sunglasses– Now this may seem like a no-​​brainer, but to those who don’t wear sunglasses reg­u­larly, you may for­get this handy little item.

Boo­gie Board – there is no one on the Earth who doesn’t like to catch a wave. There is no easier way then to take a boo­gie board along with you.

Published: October 13, 2014